Prabhas Is Getting Married This Year! Will Anushka Shetty Be His Bride? Entertainment Desk
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Prabhas Is Getting Married This Year! Will Anushka Shetty Be His Bride?

The Saaho actor is all ready to tie the knot this year

So its that time again when we have a fresh report about Prabhas’ impending wedding. However, this time it is more than just a rumour! The Saaho start is all set to tie the knot this year and the announcement can come anytime now. His uncle, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju, who is one of the most loved actors in Telugu, and after whom Prabhas got his Young Rebel Start name, revealed to the media about Prabhas’ marriage plans.

The actor celebrated his birthday today amidst media fanfare and he was naturally asked about his Baahubali nephew. According to a report on India Today, the actor didn’t divulge many details but confirmed that the marriage is happening. He said, “It is embarrassing a bit to answer this question in every interview. Prabhas will get married this year. He is willing to.”

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Now, who will be the bride is the next question. Fans would wan to see their Darling Prabhas and Sweety Anushka Shetty to get married and would be heartbroken if Prabhas chooses otherwise. However, there is nothing known about who will be the leading lady in Prabhas’ real life. In their earlier interviews, the star’s family members have hinted that he will marry someone who is approved of by the family and it will be an arranged marriage.

Those following Prabhas and Anushka or PraNushka religiously, would know how the two have known each other for years and how their families are also friends. So this alliance actually fits the bill. Let’s wait and watch for this wedding of the year! Currently, Prabhas is busy shooting for Saaho while Anushka Shetty is gearing up for the release of her tri-lingual Bhaagamathie which hits screens on January 26, 2018.