'Power Surge, X-factor', Cricket Australia unveils new rules in BBL

Parth Dhall
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16 Nov 2020: 'Power Surge, X-factor', Cricket Australia unveils new rules in BBL

Cricket Australia (CA), on Monday, introduced three new rules that will be implemented in the upcoming edition of Big Bash League (BBL).

'Power Surge', 'X-Factor Player', and 'Bash Boost' have been announced as the new rules, which will further give an edge to the batting side.

Notably, the impending BBL season is set to begin on December 10.

Here are further details.

Power Surge: Teams can call for Power Surge from the 11th over

The 'Power Surge' is a two-over period, during which the fielding team is allowed to place only two players outside the 30-yard circle.

Interestingly, the batting side can call for this at any point from the 11th over of their innings.

Meanwhile, the Powerplay, where mandatory fielding restrictions are in place, has been shortened to four overs (0-4).

Fact: The X-factor player can join the team after 10th over

An 'X-factor Player' can join in as either the 12th or 13th player on the team sheet. He could be called beyond the 10th over of the first innings, and replace any player who is yet to bat or has bowled no more than one over.

Bash Boost: What is Bash Boost?

The 'Bash Boost' is a bonus point awarded halfway through the second innings.

Notably, the team chasing will receive the bonus point if they are above the 10-over score of their opposition. If they are trailing, the fielding side will receive the point.

Moreover, teams will also now be awarded three points for winning the match, instead of the traditional two.

Fact: New rules for BBL 2020

Announcement: CA's Head of Big Bash League announced the changes

Here is what Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia's Head of Big Bash League, said in an official release.

"The introduction of new innovations is another reason why this season is set up to be the most exciting in the history. The Power Surge, X-Factor, and Bash Boost prioritize scoring, exciting cricket, introduce new strategic angles and ensure there's always something to play for," he said.

Schedule: Cricket Australia recently announced the schedule of BBL 2020

CA recently announced the schedule of BBL 2020.

The tournament, starting December 10, will comprise 56 league fixtures, followed by five knockout games.

Although the venues are yet to be decided, the first 21 matches will be hosted by Hobart, Canberra, Queensland, and Adelaide.

Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Sixers will clash in the opener, while the fixtures beyond December 31 will be announced soon.

Fact: A look at the schedule of BBL 2020