Potential spoiler on Brock Lesnar becoming new WWE champion


Bengaluru, June 16: Brock Lesnar was supposed to be back in action at the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view, WWE Super ShowDown, but WWE failed to book him in a match. However, the huge paycheck from the Saudi Sports authorities forced him to travel to the middle-east country with a teaser of a Money in the Bank cash-in which ended in a devastating manner.

Seth Rollins beat the hell out of him and thereby gained redemption from a week ago as Lesnar had to leave the arena with a bruised arm and ribs. However, it may have been just a way to remove Brock Lesnar from the storyline perspective until Summerslam arrives.

Plus, the mystery around Money in the Bank cash-in also remains intact. Going by recent reports from Slice Wrestling, WWE indeed has big plans with the opportunistic briefcase this year and it is expected put the beast incarnate back into the top of the food chain.

As per the source, Brock Lesnar will become a new champion in WWE but it will happen on Smackdown Live rather than Monday Night Raw. He should cash-in against Kofi Kingston perhaps to become the new WWE Champion. However, the victim may change as this is set to happen during the fall when Smackdown moves to FOX Network and Kofi may not remain the champion until then.
Wwfoldschool.com added the reason for the 'Purveyor of Paranoia' to regain the prestigious title in sports entertainment after a gap of four years,
"WWE officials are considering a WWE Championship run for Mr. Money In The Bank Brock Lesnar due to TV ratings still being low.
WWE officials feel that Lesnar winning the WWE Title (not the Universal Title this time) will shake things up and bring interest back into the WWE product, especially with SmackDown moving to FOX in October."

Additional reports state that WWE will be Brock's sole focus in the future. Brock Lesnar has signed a new multi-year contract with the WWE that will keep him around until 2022. Plus, UFC President Dana White also confirmed that he is not returning to the MMA brand, anyway. So there's no chance of seeing him back in the Octagon.
This almost confirms the fact that we may see Brock Lesnar become a member of the Smackdown brand in 2019 fall. Vince McMahon does believe that he will be the one to save TV ratings when the B-show moves to FOX Network in October. This may turn out to be the sole reason that the beast incarnate becomes a part of the blue brand roster after more than 15 years. However, his part-time working schedule will continue, no matter what.

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