Potential opponent for Kurt Angle farewell match at WWE Wrestlemania 35


Bengaluru, March 14: Kurt Angle announced that he is heading towards the dawn of his career during the bygone edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. With Wrestlemania 35 on the horizon, he wants the biggest stage to end his pro-wrestling career. At this point, his speed inside the ring has been extremely slow. So, there is no way that he can continue wrestling. It'll rather be good for him to call it a day.
However, there's no denying that Kurt Angle is one of the all-time greats and holds a unique accolade that none in the pro-wrestling industry have accomplished. He is the one and only Olympic Gold Medalist in the history of the company. WWE already honoured him with induction into the Hall of Fame.
Now it is time for them to arrange a farewell for the legend via a solid match. As per the reports of Slice Wrestling, the creative team has shortlisted some of the veterans to pit against him. And the report adds, that there are four of them who could be Angle's opponent:
- John Cena
- Triple H
- The Undertaker
- Rey Mysterio

Now one of them has already been booked for Wrestlemania 35 after the February 25th edition of Monday Night Raw. He is none other than the COO of the company Triple H who will be in a match against Batista. The seeds of this rivalry have already been planted after the Animal attacked Ric Flair to catch the attention of The Game. Later, the match between The Game and Batista was confirmed as a No Holds Barred match.
With Triple H out of the picture, it is clear that the WWE officials will have to finalize a match against the other three aforementioned names. Rumours say that Rey Mysterio will be involved in a match against Andrade at Wrestlemania 35. These two have been in a feud for the past couple of months. Plus, Mysterio belongs to Smackdown while Kurt Angle is from Raw. So, that's also very impossible.

The next option is Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle, which is a dream match on-paper. But the sloth that the latter one has become, we can barely expect this match to live up to the potential. The Deadman gives his best when it comes to Wrestlemania as it is his yard. This leaves with one option that is relevant.
John Cena is the man who started his WWE run by challenging Kurt Angle to a match. It would be perfect for the Cenation Leader to challenge him for one final time that would lead his career to full circle. Also, Cena himself has become a part-timer these days and that has made him lose sharpness in his wrestling skills. So this final option seems automatic choice as we think of the farewell match of six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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