‘Potential date or creepy stalker’: Screenshot of Uber user showing ‘walking buddy’ option sets Twitter abuzz

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Uber's official handle retweeted the tweet with a witty reply but didn't comment if it's true.

Taxi services apps are no longer just about cars. From choppers to bikes, companies like Uber are upping their game on a regular basis by including newer options. But what about a 'Walking Buddy'? Have you ever come across that option? Well, someone shared a screenshot of her Uber ride options, with the cheapest one be a walking buddy and social media can't stop commenting about it. And with the tweet going viral, even the company chimed in.

Twitter user Jasmine (JReneex) recently posted a screengrab from her taxi app for a ride to LaGuardia Airport in New York and among many choices the 'walking buddy' option appeared to be the cheapest at $7.50 from a discounted price of over $20. “Lmfao walking buddy?” she wrote online as the icon showed a man and a women with a suitcase holding hands, for a journey that indicates three-hour duration.

The tweet quickly garnered a lot of attention for the obvious reasons and left many baffled online. The company too joined the conversation saying, "Gotta get those steps in". However, it must be noted that on the company's website for the ride options available in the New York City, there is no such option mentioned. Neither does the global website have any announcement about the new services.

While many couldn't stop speculating how dangerous it can be if the buddy turns out to be a stalker, others shared hilarious memes and GIFs to suggest how they think the journey would go. One user even photoshopped the man in the icon with an armed warrior when few asked if the buddy could protect.

This comes almost a month after a passenger's screenshot of her Uber ride option went viral, as the app showed a helicopter as the cheapest option.