Postik Restaurant is mine not Ramdev's, we only use Patanjali products to prepare food, clarifies owner

While the news about the launch of Patanjali restaurant, Postik in Chandigarh's Zirakpur area continues to creates a flutter in the market and social media alike, Ramdev led Patanjali Ayurveda Limited has not confirmed the news.

According to sources, Patanjali's spokesperson SK Tijarawala has said that they are still considering a proposal to open a restaurant but nothing has been finalised yet.

A visit to the Kalgidhar society, where the vegetarian restaurant was opened a week ago, revealed that the food outlet served unique dishes like Honey-Chilli-Potato, Karela Kababs, Lauki Ke Kabab, Tandoori Karela, Ajwain Paneer Tikka and Lauki Ka Halwa.

The Karela Kabab and Lauki Halwa besides other delicacies attracted many besides the use of Patanjali's brand name by the owner.


"I was crossing this locality .I fancied the restaurant name and stepped in along with my family. We really enjoyed the vegetarian food and have quit non-vegetarian dishes now. The family members started demanding food from this restaurant which tastes so good as it is pure and unique," said Jaspal Singh Jassi who lives in Panchkula, Haryana.

The owner of the Postik Restaurant, Colonel (Retd) Alok Sharma denied the restaurant was owned by Patanjali and said they were only using Patanjali products.

Interestingly, the restaurant while at one hand by serving the vegetarian food has elated Ramdev followers, the crimson (Kesari) furniture and walls decorated with tricolour will add a tinge of patriotism to the delicacies.

"We were just using Patanjali products which are pure and trusted by millions.The restaurant is not owned by Patanjali. However, we have sought Swamiji's blessings and hoping that he will inaugurate this unit in future," Col Alok Sharma told India Today.