Post election results, Captain Amarinder Singh shows he means business

Party MLAs and the Captain will be meeting with Punjab Governor VP Singh Badnore, and he will then head to Delhi to meet with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on March 14.

Congress party hits the ground running in Punjab with the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meet scheduled to be held today at 2 pm in Chandigarh.

Led by chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh, party MLAs will meet with Punjab Governor VP Singh Badnore today, and on March 14, the Maharaja of Patiala will head to Delhi to meet with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

"It is party's vice president who will decide who will be the deputy CM of the state and also the other cabinet ministers. Will go and meet him on March 14 in Delhi," said Captain Amarinder.

The Patiala MLA gave clear signals that this time as CM he means business.

"This is my last election as CM. This time whatever I thought in the realm of possibility I will do. I had already said that in 4 weeks I will ensure that the backbone of this dangerous drugs called 'Chitta' is broken," said Captain Amarinder giving a clear signal what his priorities as CM are.

Keeping its manifesto in mind, Punjab Congress is planning a massive crackdown on drug menace. Apart from that, Congress plans to roll out police reforms to improve the state's law and order situation, which is in complete doldrums as a result of the criminal links and the stranglehold of the ruling party leaders. The party also plans to come out with a series of new legislations.



  1. Right to Education Act
  2. NRI Marriage Regulation Act
  3. Child Labour Act
  4. NRI Property Safeguard Act
  5. Whistleblower Safeguard Legislation
  6. Cable Authority Act
  7. Confiscation of Drug Dealers' Property Act
  8. The Conflict of Interest Act (unseating of MPs/MLAs if found to have business interest in official capacity)


The party will also introduce several important police reforms in line with Supreme Court directives and centred on zero tolerance for political interference at any level.

The Congress government will also review the territorial restructuring of police stations done by the Badal government and will abolish the Halqa in-charge system introduced by previous regime.

"The reforms will aim at ensuring that there are no human rights violations and no unfair detentions. New training programmes will be initiated to train the police to tackle new crimes and situations facing Punjab, especially drug menace and cyber crime," said a senior Congress leader.

A new police welfare fund will be set up to provide housing to lower ranking police personnel and education for their children. Also, modernisation of police infrastructure is on the cards.

Resolving SYL canal issue with Haryana is also a priority for the new government. Party also plans to bring in many reforms to improve the environment situation in the state. Watch Video: Assembly election results 2017: Captain Amarinder Singh's exclusive interview with India Today

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