Post-COVID care now Rajasthan govt's top priority: Health minister Sharma

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Jaipur, Jan 4 (PTI) Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma on Monday said the state government, after bringing down the daily case count of COVID-19, is now focusing on reducing the post-COVID-19 effect.

Post-COVID-19 care treatment is now the top priority of the state government, he said.

Sharma requested the people, who have recovered from COVID-19 but have post-COVID effects, to consult and take treatment at 'post-COVID care clinics' and 'day care centres' run by the medical and health department.

He said the people who have recovered from COVID-19 should be in constant touch with the doctors if they have any kind of post-COVID symptoms such as physical weakness, weakness in lungs, pain in hands and legs so that it can be cured.

The health minister said many symptoms are appearing as post-COVID effects and in the view of it, post-COVID centres have been set up at the government medical institutions in the state.

The people, who have recovered from COVID-19, can consult and take treatment from the expert doctors at these centres. He said psychiatrists and experts are also giving consultation at these centres.

It is the intention of the government that more and more people get relief in post-COVID treatment, he said.

Sharma said the government has directed the expert group of doctors to conduct research on post-COVID effects so that an effective plan could be made for its treatment.

He said the COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 96 per cent in the state. Besides this, the fatality rate is 0.86 per cent, the minister said. PTI SDA CK