Posh thought everyone preferred other 4 Spice girls to her

London, January 28 (ANI): Victoria Beckham has revealed that for decades she was occupied with a thought that people preferred husband David and the other four Spice Girls than her.

The pop star-turned-fashion designer told Elle magazine that when she performed with the Spice Girls, she thought people came there to see the other four and not her.

And when she go out with husband and people take pictures, she thought they're there to take David's picture, not her, the Telegraph reported.

But she said she now feels a sense of belonging in the fashion world

Together with her husband, Posh was worth an estimated 190m dollars in April 2012, according to the Sunday Times' rich list.

But despite her wealth, Victoria said she has a "need to work" to prove to herself that she can succeed in the fashion industry. (ANI)