Pornhub Sex Ed Video Series Released; From Safe Sex Amid Pandemic to Masturbation, Pornhub's Sexual Wellness Center To Teach Viewers About Sexual Health (See Trailer)

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Pornhub may not always be a good website to land up on if you are looking for sexual health queries or some sexual education. But the XXX site has now launched a sex-education video series via Pornhub's Sexual Wellness Center. These video series cover various topics from basics of understanding male and female anatomy, masturbation, STIS to even having safe sex amid a pandemic. The 11 part video series was released recently and can be accessed via Pornhub's Sexual Wellness Channel.

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Pornhub is adult entertainment porn site which boasts of millions of users per year. In India itself, the site recorded a 95% traffic rise in month of April during the early stage of lockdown. But other than offering its users with XXX content, the adult website has started "Pornhub Sex Ed," a new video series. The idea is to provide sexual education and information for the viewers and with instructions from sexual health and wellness experts. The videos in the series are up on Pornhub's website. The adult porn video website was also facing some trouble as it faced allegations about sex trafficking and people signed petitions for its shutdown.

Check Pornhub's First Video of Sex-Ed Series:

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From healthy masturbation habits, how to use a condom, STD and STI protection, female anatomy, vaginal smell, are some of the topics that have been covered in here. How to have safe sex amid COVID-19, the answer to one of the most asked questions in recent times is also in this series. Corey Price, the VP of Pornhub said they created the series to inform the viewers on real and safe sex. A lot of youngsters may assume the porn videos to be very much like real sex, which is when such sexual awareness and sex-ed videos become important. The entire series is available on Pornhub's Sexual Wellness channel.