Ponting says was 'more nervous' in Perth Test than any other game

Sydney, Dec 4(ANI): Ricky Ponting has claimed he was more nervous than he has ever been when he walked out to bat for his last Test innings in Perth against South Africa.

Ponting's illustrious career ended when David Warner and Michael Clarke chaired him from the field, but a final contribution of eight runs and a 309-run defeat to world No.1 South Africa wasn't how he wanted it to end.

"I was comfortable with the decision before this game, anyway. In my own mind I knew it was the right time to be walking away. I just probably had a bit more of a fairytale ending in my own eyes than what's happened this week," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Ponting, as saying.

The former Australia captain struggled to explain how his form had deserted him after he dominated Sheffield Shield attacks leading into the series.

"From there, I really put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, knowing that I had to," Ponting said.

"Also knowing where the series was at, it's always been about big games and big series for me and getting off to the start I did just had me under pressure again and I haven't been able to deal with it as well of late," he added

"Normally when I've been under pressure, I've been able to find something within, go out and score runs, and make it go away but I haven't been able to do that for a while now, and that was when the alarm bells started to ring," he said.

Ponting added: "That it's over has sunk in, yeah. It's been a pretty long, tough week. I have been more nervous this game than any other game I've played, just because of how much it means to me to play for Australia and wanting to finish the right way." (ANI)