Polluted water of Maharashtra's Jayakwadi dam causes havoc

Aurangabad, July 30 (ANI): The increased growth of algae in the reservoir of Jayakwadi Dam in Maharashtra's Aurangabad District is leading to the death of thousands of fish and adversely affecting the biodiversity of the region.

The polluted water has added to the problems of the locals, as it led to the unavailability of pure drinking water.

"It is full of algae and the amount of fresh water which should arrive has not come yet. Due to the sunlight and the heat the amount of oxygen in water gets reduced resulting in the death of the fishes," said Chandrakanth Dhaliwal, Jayakwadi dam official.

Jayakwadi Dam officials and Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad directed their engineers and scientists to collect water samples and take immediate remedial action. In order to purify the water, the officials have used high quantity of Poly aluminium chloride powder.

"With the increase of turbidity in the water, around 2000 kg of this powder is being used and we are trying to reduce this turbidity. Along with this, we are seeking the help of the engineers and scientists. They have been directed to visit the site and check the water. We have even called a combined meeting of medical officers and engineers," said Purushottam Bhapkar, Commissioner, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.

The water of the dam is used for irrigation and drinking. Jayakwadi dam is a planetary house for hundreds of different species of birds that come from various parts of the world. (ANI)