As polling day approaches, astrologers across nation in high demand

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Mar 21: Amidst all the election heat, it is the astrologers who are in high demand. They are clearly the most sought after people as several politicians have rushed to them seeking advise on a variety of matters.

With astrologers, politicians seek information on the solar and lunar phases. Further positive and negative impacts are calculated before their electoral fortunes are decided.

New candidates and those seeking a re-election are all making a beeline to the astrologers. The sitting MPs want to know whether they would be as fortunate as they were in the previous elections. They are also seeking information on the time and date they should be filing their nominations.

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Many have been advised to chant mantras to please the planets, especially Jupiter. Some astrologers in North have advised their clients to perform the Bagalamukhi ritual, which is undertaken to defeat their rivals.

These rituals are not exactly cheap and require a huge amount of materials in order to be performed. Astrologers say that while some politicians consult with them all through the year, others meet them ahead of the elections.

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