Poll: Rising up for the National Anthem, a mark of respect or an imposition?


From cinemas to civic bodies, everyone in the country is standing up to the National Anthem as a mark of respect and patriotism. Even as playing of National Anthem in cinema halls is being debated, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation in Rajasthan has issued a ‘diktat’ to its staffers to sing national anthem every morning and national song every evening.

Recently, China passed a new law mandating up to 15 days in police detention for those who mock the ‘March of the Volunteers’ national anthem. The Chinese government is now looking at amending China’s Criminal Law to include criminal penalties for disrespect of the national anthem, including a three-year jail term.

At a time when such harsh penalties are being considered by China’s rubber-stamp parliament, is it unreasonable for the Indian National anthem to be played in cinema halls for all of 52 seconds and for the citizens to rise as a mark of respect? Shouldn’t it be a patriotic citizen’s intrinsic sense of responsibility to stand when the ‘Jana Gana Mana’ plays at a public gathering? Or do you feel such a directive amounts to jingosim? Is it an extreme measure towards showing patriotism or forced patriotism? In what other manner would you rather show your love and respect towards the country?

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