In poll-bound Kerala, PM Modi mentions 'seven deadly sins' of

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LDF,UDF Konni (Kerala), Apr 2 (PTI) With Good Friday being observed in poll-bound Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used a Biblical reference for targeting the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and Congress-headed UDF, saying the two fronts have committed the 'seven deadly sins' including greed and lust for power.

'You all have heard of the seven deadly sins.UDF and LDF have committed their own seven deadly sins in Kerala,' Modi said at an election rally here on Friday, attacking the two fronts which have been ruling Kerala alternatively over the years.

'The first sin is pride and arrogance.UDF and LDF feel that they can never be defeated. This has made their leaders very arrogant and disconnected from their roots, while the second sin is their greed for money,' he said, referring to the gold, dollar and solar cases, which has tainted the two fronts.

The gold smuggling case is about the seizure of 30 kg of gold worth Rs 14.82 crore from a diplomatic baggage at the Thiruvananthapuram airport in July last year and the dollar case pertains to alleged smuggling of USD 1,90,000 (equivalent to Rs 1.3 crore by a former finance head of UAE consulate).

The Solar panel scandal, which hit the previous UDF government of Oommen Chandy, relates to a couple cheating people of crores of rupees by promising to instal solar panels and offering franchise and jobs.

Modi claimed the two fronts were envious, jealous and want to outdo each other in committing wrongs.

'They suffer from competitive corruption.They are jealous if the other alliance makes a paisa more than the other,' the prime minister said at the rally at the stadium which was overflowing with people.

The lust for power has made the two fronts to enter into alliances with communal, criminal and repressive elements of society, he alleged.

'What was the stand of the Indian Union Muslim League on Triple Talaq? What are the social policies of Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political arm Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).Can their regressive politics be supported? No,' he said.

The two fronts were promoting dynasty politics and everything else is a side issue, Modi said.

During an election rally in Palakkad district on March 30, Modi had targeted the LDF over the gold smuggling scam, saying the CPI(M)-led government 'betrayed' the people of the state just as Judas did to Jesus for a few pieces of silver.