Political Situation Very Difficult, Can't Say Who Will be Next Prime Minister: Ramdev

He also demanded a ban on cow slaughter, saying that it is the only way to end conflicts between cow smugglers and ‘gau rakshaks’.

New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev has said that the political situation in the country has become “very difficult” and it cannot be said who will be the next prime minister.

“The political situation is very difficult,” Ramdev, who was in Tamil Nadu for a national meeting of his followers being organised at the temple town of Rameswaram, said.

Addressing the media in Madurai, he said, “We cannot say who will become the next prime minister or who will lead the country. But the situation is very interesting.”

“Now in India… in 2019… the political situation is very difficult. We cannot say who will be the next PM…or who will lead the country. But the situation is very interesting… fighting situation in politics… (sic),” he said.

“I am not opposing or supporting any person or party. But now a political challenge, crisis, and (an) instability I am looking… this is not good for our India. Who will win and who will lead the country… we cannot say now. (But the) political fight will be interesting,” he added.

The yoga guru added that he is not focusing on politics at the moment. “My personal vision in politics now is that I am not supporting or opposing any person or party,” he said.

Ramdev added that his aim was not a Hindu country but a spiritual one. “…And a spiritual world through yoga and Vedic practices, divine practices. We are making a spiritual India, our mission is based on a spiritual India and spiritual world. This is our goal.”

Earlier this month, Ramdev had said that no one can doubt Narendra Modi’s leadership and his policies. “Modi has never indulged in vote-bank politics,” Ramdev had said, a day after the BJP suffered huge defeat in the Assembly elections in five states.

When he was asked whether Modi had fulfilled his promises, Ramdev had given a veiled response, saying he doesn’t want to invite trouble by replying to such political questions.

Asserting that he has no political or religious agendas, Ramdev said he was planning free yoga programmes in every district, reminding that yoga is not religious but a science and a scientific lifestyle for self-realisation.