Political leaders, people react to rising price of petrol, diesel across India

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New Delhi [India], June 24 (ANI): For the 18th day in a row, state-run oil companies on Wednesday raised prices of diesel. However, no increase was witnessed in petrol prices. The price of diesel has been increased by 48 paise a litre. Petrol costs Rs 79.76 per litre while diesel can be bought at Rs 79.88 per litre. Congress leaders Digvijay Singh in Bhopal was seen marching towards the Chief Minister's residence as a mark of protest against diesel price hike issue while flouting social distancing norms. "The increase in diesel price will burden the expenses in general as the price of every other item will increase," he said. He also slammed Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for not standing up for the people of the state. Whereas in the national capital, Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress (DPYC) Incharge Bhaiya Pawar said, "During the sowing season, farmers will be needing the diesel in their farms. They are already burdened but this surge in price is going to pressurize them more." Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, SC Cell Chairman Pritam said, "Country is facing a huge crisis with the constant hike in fuel prices. We condemn this and demand the centre to roll back the hike. I suggest the Modi-government reduce the prices and do justice to the people," while protesting with his party workers. The activists of National Students' Union of India (NSUI), Panjab University led by Manoj Lubana staged a protest by pulling car by rickshaw at Sector 15 Market, Chandigarh against the rising fuel prices and the inability of the central government to improve the economic condition of the country. Giving a perspective of the transport industry, Pradeep Singhal, Chairman, All India Transporters Welfare Association said, "Since the lockdown, fuel prices have surged 20-22 per cent, especially in the last 2 weeks. Although the transport industry has the capacity to absorb the price surge, the struggle is to pass it through the consumers. In these testing times, how can we ask the consumers to pay us more? It is not practically possible to negotiate on a daily basis as we have quarterly or yearly contracts," said Singhal. "Diesel was never used for luxury but for commercial purposes to boost the economy. Even the production cost of diesel is lower than petrol. I'm not able to understand this surge in diesel prices," he added. Speaking for the farmers in the country, Sandeep Kumar Shukla from Lucknow said, "Although the government is helping the farmers, it will impact the farmers who are preparing to sow wheat and other seasonal crops." At a fuel tank in Bhubaneswar, Sushant Das said, "Amidst pandemic COVID 19, on daily basis price hike on petrol and diesel creating an extra burden for public. The government needs to relief people on oil price and should be under Rs 60 per litre on petrol and diesel". Meanwhile, in Bihar, Shahi said, "The rising prices are definitely affecting us but all that we can do is ignore the fact and go to work." Omkar, a Mumbaikar said, "If the prices will keep on rising like this, we might have to sell our vehicles as it will be difficult to afford the fuel in future." "It is the first time in the history that diesel prices have surpassed the petrol price. With the rise in inflation amid COVID-19 and reduced salaries, the government is increasing the fuel prices every day," DP Yadav at a Delhi fuel station said. (ANI)

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