Policeman who assaulted woman bank employee in Surat suspended, employees thank Sitharaman

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 24 (ANI): The policeman who allegedly assaulted a lady staff of a Bank in Saroli area was suspended and an investigation was initiated in the case, after Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday brought the incident to the notice of Commissioner of Police.

"Following Sitharaman's intervention, the perpetrator who turned out to be a policeman has been suspended and an investigation is underway," said Police Inspector, V U Gaderiya.

Meanwhile, Harsh Tiwari, the complainant, narrated the incident, "A customer had come for getting his passbook updated, but our passbook printer was not functioning properly. Then an altercation began, and he abused the lady cashier and the lady had started recording the incident, following which he entered the cash cabin, and assaulted her. The lady is currently injured and is undergoing medical treatment. I tried to intervene but he mishandled me following which we called the police station."

The employee thanked Sitharaman for bringing the matter to light and giving some relief and 'motivation' to the bankers.

"The one who committed the assault was a policeman, he was not even a customer," he added.

Jigisha Surti, another bank employee, said that banking hours come to an end by 4 pm.

'Yet the customer came with a policeman to the bank after the banking hours and demanded passbook printing. The lady staff tried to make him understand that e-passbooks could be used in place, he had come with an intention to pick up a fight. He entered the prohibited area and assaulted her, leading to a hairline fracture, his expressions in the video reveal that he had come with the motive to cause chaos," Surti told ANI here.

Surti demanded that strict action should be taken against the culprits so that "in future such incidents do not happen with bank employees or any other public servant."

Meanwhile, Inspector Gaderiya said, "Two days ago, the police personnel entered Syndicate bank for getting entry in the passbook. A heated discussion took place between the assistant manager and the police personnel during which a lady officer of the bank shoot the video of the incident. The police personnel pushed her leading to her falling down. We have filed an FIR and the police personnel has been suspended."

The police denied that there was any delay in registering the FIR. (ANI)