Police will work on guidelines of Yogi government, says UP DGP Javeed Ahmed

Uttar Pradesh DGP Javeed Ahmed said that police will adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of breach of law and order in the state.

The state of law and order in Uttar Pradesh has always been a prime electoral issue, with the Opposition harping on the lack of law and order situation in the state.

Even during the recently held Assembly elections, the BJP made law and order one of the main issues as one of the important one during campaigning in the state and blamed the state government and police for the breakdown of the same. Although incidents of crimes are still being reported every day in UP, the state police chief is positive that a change is imminent.

Talking to India Today in Agra, UP DGP Javeed Ahmed said that police will now work on Yogi Adityanath's guidelines and those who disturb law and order in the state will be dealt with strictly, irrespective of their caste/religion/party affinity. "Even the police personnel found to be guilty and indulging in criminal acts will be prosecuted with impunity. Various mafias engaged in alcohol, mining and oil have been marked and will be brought under the rule of law soon," he added.

Expressing his concern over the murders of three policemen in the state, of which two were from Agra division, the DGP said this was a serious offense and the murderers will be soon brought to justice. Police will provide whatever help is possible to the families of the three murdered policemen.

Ahmed said that police will adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of breach of law and order, which included corruption. Police will act without any pressure and develop a people-friendly image. Every policeman will have to change the way he or she interacts with the public and solve the problems of the people at the police station level itself.


The DGP added that the complainants will now be treated with respect in the police stations and dealt with in a humanitarian way. However, anti-social elements will see an entirely different face of police that is strict and efficient in bringing them to justice.

Ahmed said that traffic violations and jams will be dealt with in a phased manner. "The infrastructure on the road crossings will be improved with better lights, proper markings, and zero encroachments. The Local Intelligence Units have been asked to prepare a list of the most affected crossings and to assess the effect of a police action on encroachments. Any issues with law and order are to be directly reported to the concerned police station. The UP-100 teams will be directly monitored by the police chief of the concerned district," Ahmed said.

Ahmed said that Agra is a tourism icon of Uttar Pradesh and special care needs to be maintained to ensure that tourists see the best face of policing in this city and take away a good image of the state when they return.

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