Police correct Steve Keim report, release video showing Cardinals GM didn't lie about identity during DUI arrest

Video footage released by the Chandler, Arizona police contradicts a police report that stated that Cardinals GM Steve Keim lied about his identity during a DUI stop. (AP)

Police in Chandler, Arizona, released video on Wednesday and corrected an erroneous police report that stated that Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim lied about his identity during a July 4 DUI arrest.

Video shows that he did not lie about who he was.

The original police report stated that Keim told a police officer that he was the Cardinals’ director of security.

From the police report filed by officer Robert Dykstra:

“He was looking through cards and he verbally identified himself to me as Steve Keim. He told me he was the director of security for the Arizona Cardinals and he works with Sean McKenzie. The only Officer Sean McKenzie I know was killed in an off duty vehicle collision and I believed he was referencing him.”

The video, which can be seen here, tells a different story. Here’s what Keim actually said.

“Sean Kinsey is our director of security. I work for the Cardinals. So he works for the Chandler police.”

In addition to releasing the video, Chandler police released a statement that Officer Dykstra would be filing a corrected police report after review of the footage showed the error. Pro Football Talk originally reported the pending correction.

“After reviewing the BWC footage, Mr. Keim stated that a person by the name of Sean McKenzie was their director of security and that he worked for the Arizona Cardinals. The officer will be completing a supplemental report to make that correction.”

The erroneous report appears to be a case of misunderstanding by the arresting officer. Why Keim brought up the Cardinals director of security is not clear from the camera footage.

What is clear is that Keim did not lie about being the Cardinals director of security, as was originally reported by the police.

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