Police arrest one person in Ghaziabad mass suicide and murder case

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec 4 (ANI): Police have arrested a person in the mass suicide and murder case at Ghaziabad's Indirapuram in which 5 persons died including two children on Tuesday.

The accused, identified as Rakesh Verma, is the brother-in-law of Gulshan Vasudeva, who along with his wife and another woman jumped to their death from the 8th floor of an apartment here early on Tuesday. However, before jumping they killed their two children.

The accused has taken a hefty amount of money from the deceased but never returned it. The deceased Gulshan was facing severe financial distress, said police.

"We have arrested Rakesh Verma. He is the brother-in-law of Gulshan Vasudeva and is responsible for abetting Gulshan's suicide. Verma took around Rs 1.5 crore from Gulshan to invest in real estate. Neither he handed over the property to Gulshan nor he repaid the money," said Sudhir Kumar Singh, SSP, Ghaziabad.

"Gulshan was in deep financial distress as he had taken the money from his financiers on a 5 per cent interest rate and given it to Rakesh Verma. Verma along with his mother Phoola Verma had already served a jail term under Section 420," said the official.

Further, the investigation is underway (ANI)