In PoK, KFC is not a fast food chain but a service provider for Lashkar

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In PoK, KFC is not a fast food chain but a service provider for Lashkar

Captured LeT terrorist reveals details of various terror camps in Pakistan as well as in PoK

The world knows KFC as a popular fast-food chain. But in Pakistan KFC is the Lashkar-e-Taiba's (LeT) terror-training ground.

In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), KFC stands for Karachi Food Centre. Operating out of Muzaffarabad, the food centre supplies ration to training centres.

This information has been gleaned from the interrogation of captured LeT terrorist Zaibullah alias Hamza by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Zaibullah is in custody of NIA since April 2018.

The 20-year-old from Multan told NIA sleuths that three months before he infiltrated into India in March, he along with five others were sent for training at the KFC Lashkar camp.

It was here he underwent 'barfani training' (snow survival) for two months in the Makdha mountains. He trained with 16 other terror recruits with Hufeza bhai as their chief instructor.

Zaibullah, along with the other terrorists, was trained in mountain climbing, GPS handling, wireless and Y-SMS (a communication app) training, and marching in snow. As part of the training, recruits had to march with 25 kg load and a dummy rifle for an entire night.

In the intervening night of March 2-3 this year the LeT group of six left the KFC Lashkar in a civil vehicle and reached Tazia where the group crossed the line of control (LoC).

The group crossed the Dudniyal and Tezia posts in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and then hopped across to the Indian side at the Dengawali post.

However, the Indian security forces spotted their presence and in the encounter that followed five LeT operatives were killed. An injured Zaibullah was captured.

During interrogation Zaibullah also revealed terror camps run by the Jamat ud Dawa (JuD), the political wing of the LeT.

The other training camps that exist are Tabooq camp located in the Gadi Habibulla forest, Mansera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other places.

In the Aksa Maskar camp located in Shawai Nala, Muzaffarabad in PoK, Lashkar militants are trained in using weapons, reading maps, reading, using GPS and survival techniques.

In the underground Maskar Khaiber training camp located in the forest area of Muzaffarabad fidayeens (suicide squads) are specially trained.

Daura Bait-ul-Rizwan centre which is located in Muridke, Pakistan is used to train JuD terrorists in combat and climbing.

Khalid bin Valeed in Muzaffarabad is the headquarters of JuD training centres. The centre provides all equipment including arms and ammunition, food, clothes and vehicles to other training centres.

Zaibullah's confession reiterates India's stand that LeT is openly training and recruiting terrorists to wage war against India in the name of Jihad. Sources say that at least 450 terrorists were training in various camps with Zaibullah with an intent of keeping the Kashmir pot boiling.