Poisonous Snake Found in Flyer's Bag at Cochin Airport

Team Latestly
The Abu Dhabi-bound passenger was handed over to the police.

New Delhi, November 12: In a shocking incident, a poisonous reptile was spotted inside a flyer's handbag at Cochin Airport. According to a Times of India report, the snake was detected, while the bag was being screened at Cochin Airport on Sunday.  The Abu Dhabi-bound passenger was handed over to the police. Rat Fighting Off a Snake In This Video is Shocking Yet Filled With Amazing Life Lessons.

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On carefully checking the bag, it was found that a live snake was found inside the bag, which looked like an Indian krait. It is also among the four most venomous snakes found in India. The passenger, who is a resident of Kattakalam was not allowed to board his 4:55 pm flight.

In another similar incident, a Dubai-bound passenger was carrying 29 antique idols in his bag. On being asked, why he was carrying so many antiques, he couldn't provide a proper answer, nor could he furnish the bills.

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