Pointing Fingers: Brands Tap into New Finger-Pointing Emoji Meme and the Results are Hilarious


Every day brings with a new trend on social media. And the newest meme trend to hit microblogging site Twitter is the "fingerpoint emoji meme".

You must have seen these memes doing the rounds on Twitter lately and wondered what it could mean.


Well, its a meme that basically symbolises something that all fingers are pointing at. Let us try to explain it with some examples:


The object or person that is the subject of the finger-pointing is placed in the middle of the image so that it looks like all fingers are pointing at it. And netizens did not disappoint.

Many shared memes and jokes based on the #fingerprintemoji trend. Some even came up with their own versions of the joke.

However, those who benefited most from the trend were advertisers. Brands had a ball trying to re-purpose the meme for advertising their own products.