‘Will Pogba even be around much longer?’ – Rashford has to be on Man Utd penalty duty, says Ince

The former Red Devils full-back was not impressed to see the Frenchman on spot-kick duty at Wolves, but Andy Cole has sought to offer a defence

Manchester United have to hand penalty-taking duty to Marcus Rashford, says Paul Ince, with Paul Pogba’s miss against Wolves having sparked an unnecessary debate around a player who may not even be at the club much longer.

A World Cup winner stepped up to the spot at Molineux, only to see his effort saved by Rui Patricio.

Questions have been asked as to why Pogba was allowed to take the ball, despite winning the penalty, as Rashford once again crashed home from 12 yards on the opening day against Chelsea.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has sought to avoid being dragged into the argument, claiming that duties will be shared at Old Trafford, but Ince believes the man at the helm should be dictating to his players.

The former United midfielder sees no reason why Pogba should be taking charge, especially as there is no guarantee that he will be sticking around amid ongoing talk of a possible move to Real Madrid.

Ince told Paddy Power: “It’s down to Ole’s management.

“He should be making it perfectly clear before they go on the pitch. He should be saying: ‘If there’s a penalty - Rashford, you’re taking it. If you’re not on the pitch – it’s Pogba, and so on.’

“There’s a list of order there, it makes it transparent, and there’s none of this bickering about who scored when and who missed, it leaves no room for debate.

“That’s where it comes down to Ole. He should be making it crystal clear that there is one penalty-taker and that’s it. He needs to show his leadership and tell the players that it’s the end of the theatricals, there’s one person only for the job.

“There’s been people suggesting that Ole is trying to appease Pogba by letting him take penalties, but as the manager at one of the biggest clubs in the world that shouldn’t even be a thought.

“You can’t work like that, you need to show that leadership. There’s no reason why he should feel the need to appease Pogba, if anything it should be the other way around.

“For me, it’s clear who should be chosen, too. Marcus Rashford has never missed a penalty in senior football, he netted in United’s 4-0 opener against Chelsea, there’s an obvious choice here, he should be the penalty taker.

“Look at his record, why would you go for anyone else?

“We all miss them at times of course, but also a major consideration should be Pogba’s future. Will he even be here when the European window shuts? And if he is, will he leave in January anyway? Whereas you’ve got Rashford, who’s going to be around for four or five years, so why not just make him your man?”

United will be back in Premier League action on Saturday when they play host to Crystal Palace, with Solskjaer hoping to see his side offer a positive response to the eventful 1-1 draw at Molineux.