PM recalls Lord Basaveshwara's contribution to gender and social justice

New Delhi, Apr 26 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to Lord Basaveshwara on his birth anniversary on Sunday and recalled his contribution in social and gender equality.

In a video message, the prime minister sought the blessings of Lord Basaveshwara to give the country the strength to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Basava Jayanthi' is an annual event celebrated to mark the birth of Vishwaguru Basaveshwara, the 12th century philosopher and social reformer.   Global Basava Jayanthi - 2020 is being held digitally on Sunday amid coronavirus spread.

Describing Lord Basaveshwara as a great reformer and administrator, Modi said Lord Basaveshwara did not only preach about the reforms he wanted in individuals or in the society but also adopted and inculcated them in his own life.

The prime minister said the teachings of Lord Basaveshwara are the source of spiritual knowledge, and serve as the practical guide of our lives.

His teachings guide us to be a better human being and to make our society liberal, kind and humane.

He had guided our society on issues of social and gender equality several centuries ago, Modi said.

Lord Basaveshwara, the prime minister said, laid the foundations of a democracy, which prioritises and promotes the rights of a person standing on the last rungs of the society.  Basavanna had touched each and every aspect of human life and given solutions to improve it, he added.

The prime minister recalled that on many occasions earlier he had the privilege of learning from the teachings of Lord Basaveshwara, be it the event of the translations of holy 'vachanas' into 23 languages or the unveiling of Basaveshwara statue in London.

Appreciating the Basava Samithi for conducting Sunday's event digitally across the world, Modi said this sets a perfect example for holding a big event while also following the lockdown guidelines.

The prime minister said, 'Today, Indians feel that change starts with them. This belief is helping the country to overcome challenges.' He urged people to carry forward and strengthen this message of hope and faith.

This will inspire us to work hard and will take our nation to new heights, he added.

Referring to social distancing as a measure to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, Modi also stressed upon following the rule of 'Do Gaz Doori' (physical distance of two yards) to stay safe from coronavirus. PTI NAB KJ