‘PM, President trusted me’: Rajendra Arlekar on being appointed as HP Governor

Panaji (Goa), July 06 (ANI): President Ram Nath Kovid on July 06 appointed Rajendra Arlekar as new Governor of Himachal Pradesh. Expressing his happiness over his appointment, Arlekar stated that the BJP is a party that trusts and his appointment is being done on basis of that. “I started as party worker, became MLA and Goa Minister and state BJP chief. Now I'll be Governor. It shows importance of leaders and leadership of BJP. Party leaders trusted me. President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, BJP chief trusted me. It's a party that trusts. I feel the responsibility of a governor that has been given to me, is on the basis of that only,” said new Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Rajendra Arlekar to ANI on July 06.

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