PM pitches for new crisis management protocol at G-20 video conference on coronavirus

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    He clearly said life of people is biggest priority rather looking to start fixing economical demage, which nation can give most to its people in terms of money like USA. what is money without life?, economical crisis can be fixed later, first save life. Even I would leave job if forced to go out to work for someone's else selfish reasons. Human born without cloths and started its journey without it in jungle so money is man made, life and soul is god made. Save it from angry God
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    So much of wisdom! Thanks - This was meaningful to ward off our anxiety on economy.
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    sivaram kumar
    This is simply not the time to speak what has failed ...who has failed....Time is running out...every minute matters. Knowing the nature of the disease and best thing to do immediately is the save the rest of the countries ( By not further delaying in action and by adopting the right lessons learned.) The virus has taken its toll way back in Dec 8th 2019 and China responded and the world got alert by Jan 23 rd only . Report says 7 million people travelled out from Wuhan during the Month of Dec 2019. These are the People who eventually became nucleus for the Cluster in many countries in the world ({Predominately G20 nations ) . So the immediate urgency for the Slow acting nations and the officially unaffected nations is to Check the incomers from China during the Whole month of Dec & Jan 2020 and do contract tracing for Testing/Quarantine . This has to be done by India also . This is so important to avoid future Clusters. The Few more countries left over from getting affected should quickly take Lightning decisions and do Contact tracing of In comers from China during the said two months.This is the Top most thing to do and needs ICU priority. Regarding the Failure of Globalisation and so many other long list of Failures , Values, Ethics, Truth ....this is simply not the right time to talk and discuss . We first need to fight fiercely with the Virus and only after winning the war with disease , the world needs to restart with the Right speed, Right Priority, Right direction, Right Vision, Right Destination following the Gandhian Ideologies ( Truth, Simplicity, Contentment, Unity, Ahimsa, Women empowerment, Focus on Village, Agriculture, Handicraft, Non-alcoholism, Non-Violence ,Vegetarianism, Peaceful faith,...... )But the next few months are very very critical in terms of taking lightning decisions to save the unaffected countries .This is simply not the right time to talk about failure of System, Failure of People .We have time to do detailed root cause analysis before restarting the broken down world. So focus on repair first.
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    A man’s character is best displayed in times of adversity. PM Modi is a Great man and very noble. God bless him
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    Most of the things could've been better if the money was spent on constructing Hospitals instead of Mandirs and Moortis
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    after locking down the whole India , govt atlast today halted the international flights. The global king woke up maybe slightly late.
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    PM Modi is the ONLY LEADER who has the capacity to safeguard his country against negative situations & people hungry for free funds like the ITALIAN Pappu & Sonia
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    First of all let us all stop polluting the earth. Whoever invented the cars, destroyed the earth.
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    This clearly indicates that our PM is a real world leader , much better than many other leaders
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    U r still in blaming mode great !!