PM Modi pays an emotional tribute to sea warriors | Top Headlines

Here are the top headlines of today: 1. PM Modi gets emotional while interacting with covid warriors, breaks down over covid deaths. He also highlights the black fungus challenge being faced by India. 2. A nationwide black fungus alarm has been initiated as more than 7000 cases have been reported. Patients are struggling with a shortage of life-saving drugs to fight mucormycosis, and the Centre has decided to ramp up manufacturing. 3. An unforgivable betrayal by Kisan neta's surface, after flouting covid norms, has now blocked blood donation camps. Protesters vandalised the camp in Ropar. 4. After thousands of people throng the ayurvedic cure of coronavirus. Authorities swing into action in Andhra Pradesh as they halt the distribution of unapproved medicines. 5. Congress neta’s tweet took a row as the word king was used for Rahul and Rajiv Gandhi. BJP hits back, stating that there are no kings in a democracy, only sevaks. 6. 24 at seafarers onboard barge P-305 are still unaccounted for. 5 days pass, and the families are still looking for details. The captain is under the lens for putting lives at risk, but the bigger question is whether ONGC can shook the blame. 7. Tehalka council Tarun has been acquitted by the Goa court with rape charges. The state CM says that the state will appeal to the Goa high court and won’t let a man who misbehaves with women get scot-free.

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