PM Narendra Modi in poll bound Kerala, says ‘LDF betrayed Kerala for a few pieces of gold’

BJP's E Krishnadas, 'Metro Man' E Sreedharan and other BJP workers welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi by presenting him a 'ponnada' (cloth woven in golden thread) and a replica of 'Kalpathy Theru'. 'Have come here to seek your blessings, 1st time voter disappointed with Left and Games of UDF-LDF have been exposed, LDF betrayed for a few pieces of gold, Have come here with a vision', says Prime Minister Modi. He further adds, ‘The politics of our nation has been affected by 5 diseases – corruption, casteism, communalism, cronyism, criminalization, UDF and LDF are masters of vote-bank politics’. ‘UDF has not even spared the rays of the Sun. LDF betrayed Kerala for a few pieces of gold’, added Prime Minister Modi.