PM Narendra Modi must come clean on black trunk in his chopper: Congress

Screengrab of the video posted by KPCC chief Dinesh Gundu Rao. (File)

Alleging that a "black trunk" was seen being whisked away from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's helicopter when it landed in Chitradurga in Karnataka on Friday, the Congress Sunday asked the Election Commission to immediately conduct an inquiry. The opposition party also asked the Prime Minister to come clean.

The Congress released a video clip to back its claim. Addressing a press conference, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said, "In Chitradurga when the Prime Minister's helicopter landed, a big trunk….from the helicopter…emerged. It was immediately taken to a vehicle which was not part of the carcade and whisked away."

"Therefore, it is legitimate to ask what was in that box. Why such a heavy trunk was carried in the Prime Minister's helicopter? Whom did that vehicle belong to? Where did that trunk go or disappear?" he said.

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The Congress in Karnataka, Sharma said, has already petitioned to the state election panel.

"It is important for the institution of the Prime Minister, remembering that Caesar's wife has to be beyond suspicion. He is the Prime Minister. No minister, no political leader can carry anything which would affect the fairness of the elections. Prime Minister, if that trunk was not carrying cash, let the inquiry be held."

"Let the SPG say what was loaded on the PM's helicopter….We hope that the Election Commission will take immediate notice, and start an investigation."