PM Narendra Modi chairs key Covid meet; Top officials participate in the Vaccine Drive Review

Amid the resurgence of the Covid-19 cases and the vaccination drive at an all-time high in the country, PM Narendra Modi leads a significant meet. All the senior officials including the Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary, Health Secretary who have been constantly monitoring not only the Covid-19 spike but also the inoculation drive in the country joined this meet up to review the vaccine drive. Not to miss out on the fact that this meeting comes in the backdrop of the meeting hosted by the Cabinet Minister with 11 state ministers including all the major contributors such as Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka etc. just a couple of days ago. This latest meeting was not only to analyze the covid-19 spike but also to monitor and look over the vaccine drive as the PM previously also stated his concerns about how our country can not afford to go in a second lockdown or be hit by the second wave at this stage.