PM Narendra Modi Addresses the Nation on Covid-19; Declare India a hub of COVID Infrastructure

After a significant meet with the vaccine manufacturers and all medical health industry experts to understand the Covid status and get hold of the key stock of the covid vaccine, PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation today. He began on an affirmative note stating that the Centre is not leaving any stone unturned, we'll defeat Corona together as we are work toward speedy Oxygen delivery. He further informs on latest developments on the medicine production ramp up. PM Modi assures that India has a strong pharma sector and conveyed a special message to the children friends of the nation urging them to convince people in their house not to venture outside, unless absolutely necessary. He highlights the current circumstances in comparison to the previous time and substantiates on our progress in terms of health infrastructure and increase in our indigenous capacities to combat Covid in a span of just one year. Further on PM assures that the govt will protect migrants yet the states must also assure migrants’ safety. A nationwide lockdown should be the last resort and the need to save the nation from lockdown, vaccines for above 18, All manufactured vaccines distribution to all States & to every income level are some other talking points of his addressal. He finally concludes that India is now hub of COVID infrastructure and that we have been ahead in Corona fight, Lockdown is not the solution and we have to put our focus on micro-containment zones.