PM Narendra Modi Address to Varanasi on Total Lockdown: 'Mahabharata Was Won in 18 Days and War Against Coronavirus Will Take 21 Days'

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New Delhi, March 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday compared the country-wide lockdown with the war of Mahabharata. During his address to the people of his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi, PM Modi said, “Mahabharata was won in 18 days, the war against coronavirus will take 21 days”. The Prime Minister addressed a question and answer session with the people of Varanasi via video conferencing. Coronavirus Outbreak: Infected Indian Will Pass Virus to 1.5 Person in Best-Case Scenario, 4 Persons in Worst-Case Scenario, Shows ICMR Study.

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PM Modi asked people not to believe in rumours. He said, “At times, people don't pay attention to things which are important. The same is happening in India. I request people to understand the facts and not believe in rumours. The PM stated that COVID-19 did not discriminate between rich and poor, and it would not spare anyone just because they perform yoga or exercise daily. India May See Up to 13 Lakh Cases of COVID-19 by Mid-May, Scientists Warn.

PM Narendra Modi's Address:

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PM Modi appreciated the health care professionals for their efforts in combating the coronavirus outbreak. He said, “Healthcare professionals working in white uniforms in hospitals are like God for us today, they are saving us from the disease. They are saving us by risking their own lives” He also asked people to avoid self-medication as no medicine has been developed so far to cure COVID-19. PM Modi said, “You should not attempt to treat Coronavirus infection on your own. Stay at your home, do things only after consulting a doctor. Call them up, ask them, tell them your ailments.”

PM Modi on Tuesday announced a 21-day country-wide lockdown to combat coronavirus outbreak. The country will remain under complete shutdown till April 14. Meanwhile, in India, the number of coronavirus cases crossed 560 on Wednesday. Eleven people also lost their lives due to the deadly virus. In India, the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 562. Eleven people also lost their lives due to the deadly virus.