PM Modi: Taking mantra of unity, nation will move forward

Krishn Kaushik

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with awardees of the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2020, in New Delhi on Friday. (Photo: PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday underlined the importance of diversity in India and called for citizens to pay more attention to their national duties, adding that if people fulfil their duties, nobody will have to fight for their rights.

Talking to the participants of the Republic Day Parade in Delhi, he said, “We do not favour uniformity, but unity. Unity in diversity. We try to keep alive the source of unity, make it stronger. Several states, but one nation; several societies, but one India; many cults, but one aim; several dialects, but one tone; several languages, but one emotion; many colours, but one Tricolour; many traditions, but one value system; different jobs, but one resolution; different paths, but one destination; different faces, but one smile... Taking this mantra of unity, the nation will move forward.”

“We must work and take the country ahead with this thought... The entire world witnesses this ability of India as well,” the Prime Minister said.

He told the participants that through their displays in the parade, “the world also witnesses this strength of India”. He told them that they bring the diversity to Delhi, but when they go back, “the diversity you see here, you take it back with you to your regions”.

Talking about the slogan ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’, he said, “Along with being a country, India is a living tradition, it is a thought, it is a value system.” Referring to India as a life force made up of several ideals and values, he said, “India is a life source, a flow of energy... When India’s greatness is discussed, along with the geographical and economic greatness, the greatness of such values and ideals are also a part of it.”

Talking about the duties of citizens towards the nation, the Prime Minister said that in the last 70 years, India has become a good example as a republic. But, he said, “We need to pay attention to one aspect of the Constitution that was not discussed in detail in the last 70 years.... We need to give primacy to our duties, and need to judge what we do in respect of our duties... If we fulfill our duties properly, then we will not need to fight for our rights.”

He requested the participants to discuss the duties towards the nation and become examples by acting on them when they go back home. “Such efforts will lead to creation of a new India,” he added.

He said that to fulfill these ambitions and dreams in the new India that we are moving towards, “no Indian person or region should be left behind, we need to ensure that and it is our national responsibility”. He asked people to align their efforts and ambitions with the national resolutions. “We all need to work towards making life easier for every Indian,” Modi said.