PM Modi slams insult of Tricolour; Full theatre occupancy from February 1 | Top Headlines

Here are the top headlines for today:

1. PM Modi slams insult of Tricolour
PM Modi said that the Republic Day violence at Red Fort insulted the national flag and saddened the nation.

2. Congress hits back at PM Modi
Opposition slams PM Modi's condemnation asking was the government not shocked to be associated with RSS which refused to fly Tiranga for decades after independence.

3. Forensic panel rubbishes report of protestor's death by bullet injury
Team of three doctors release a statement claiming that they have not made any such report about a bullet wound being found in the autopsy of the victim killed in the farmers' tractor rally violence.

4. OTT content row: Centre to announce new norms soon
Modi Govt will soon start regulating streaming of content on OTT after the massive controversy revolving around the online platform.

5. Centre allows 100% occupancy in cinema halls and theatres from February 1
The central government gives nod to 100% occupancy in cinema halls starting February 1 in its new guidelines with strict observation of COVID norms.