PM Modi: Necessary to distinguish between 'Andolanjeevi' and 'Andolankari' for the country

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he sees the 'Kisan Andolan' as 'pavitra' (pious) and slammed the 'Andolanjeevis' for hijacking the demonstration. During the reaction to the Motion of Thanks to the President's speech, PM Modi spoke in Lok Sabha. He finds Kisan Andolan really 'pavitra'. The movement is significant in India's democracy, but does it serve any reason when Andolanjeev's hijack protests show images of those imprisoned for serious crimes? Destroying telecom towers in Punjab, not allowing toll plazas to operate. Does it endorse pious protests?

During PM Narendra Modi's response in Lok Sabha to the Motion of Thanks for the President's Speech, Congress and TMC MPs walked out of the Chamber. Noting that the agricultural reform process is necessary and relevant, the Prime Minister said that the new agricultural laws provide farmers with a choice and have been placed in place to meet the emerging challenges.
The Prime Minister said that after the introduction of these laws, no mandis had been shut down and there was no effect on the minimum support price.