PM Modi led COVID fight, we joined: Bangladesh Foreign Minister

On vaccine diplomacy of India, Bangladesh Foreign Minister, AK Abdul Momen said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi took leadership for fighting COVID-19 and the other countries joined in the program. He said, "I think India did a great job...As early as 15th March 2020, Indian PM called all SAARC leaders and came forward to help, to work together. Since COVID is a global issue we have to work together in collaboration. Indian PM took leadership, we joined in. PM Modi assured our PM that if India develops vaccine, Bangladesh will get it at the same time. He kept his word and with this, he has won the hearts and minds of people. We paid for it in advance." He further said, "India provided 2 million vaccines as gift and PM Modi, on the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh and 100th anniversary of father of our nation, is giving another 1.2 million vaccines as a gift. They assured that the contract will be met on time, we would like to buy more."