PM Modi is a petty liar: Ravish Kumar

The eminent Indian television news anchor, Ravish Kumar, hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a programme at the Jaipur Literature Festival, this past Monday.

Ravish Kumar

"The PM lied in his speech at Ramleela Maidan, a place which is named after the Lord Rama. I felt extremely sad that the leader of such a large country resorted to lying brazenly," Ravish said during an event.

The NDTV journalist also slammed Modi for his remark that he (Modi) could identify people from their clothes.

"Only a person whose mind is full of Hindu-Muslim nonsense could have said such a petty thing. It really pinched me. He challenged the collective intelligence of the nation with that statement. He's instigating people, through the grovelling media, to recognise people through their clothes and lynch them," Ravish said.

The Magsaysay award recipient concluded with a remark that Modi did not have the "guts and intent" to give him an interview, thus implying that the PM is scared of him.

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