PM Modi highlights vaccine wastage in Telangana, Andhra, UP

During his meeting with Chief Ministers over resurgence of COVID-19 cases, PM Narendra Modi on March 17 said that the issue of vaccine wastage should be taken seriously and asked to review it immediately. He said, "The main concern is the expiry date of the vaccine. The vaccine of early expiry date should be used before than that of the date after the first one. The vaccine should be used according to the date if it is used earlier, will lead to wastage. Precautions of mask, cleanliness, maintain social and personal hygiene should be done strictly." "Over 10% vaccine wastage in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Vaccine wastage in UP is almost the same. It should be reviewed in states that why's vaccine wastage happening? Monitoring must be done every evening and pro-active people should be contacted so that there's no wastage in every state. This is wastage of a person's right and it is not good. States should work on targeting zero wastage and it will improve the condition and it will lead to a good result," he further added.