PM Modi’s ‘First Day, First Show’ On 1 January Remained Incomplete

Video Editor: Abhishek Sharma

As the nation welcomed the new year on 1 January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview to news agency ANI. The 95-minute-long interview was almost as long as a movie. With Lights, Camera & Action, PM Modi appeared to be fully prepared for the upcoming polls. But several questions remained unanswered in the interview,

The Mandir U-Turn

Let's first talk about the Ram Mandir issue which helped the BJP win the throne in 2014. What did PM Modi have to say about the Ram Mandir issue, which helped the BJP secure votes across the nation in the name of Hindutva?

"“Law must be allowed to take its own course. Law must be kept out of the ambit of politics. The matter is sub judice. Once the Supreme Court gives its verdict on the issue it is the government’s responsibility to do as told.”" - Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Mr Prime Minister, it goes without saying that the judiciary and courts have the last word in the country. But if that is the case, why have BJP workers been sloganeering for years: 'Bachcha Bachcha Ram Ka, Bjp Ke Naam Ka'.

The Absconding Businessmen

Let's now shift our focus to the absconding businessman who looted crores and fled the country. Let's see what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to say about economic offenders – Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya.

"“We have brought in stricter laws for such offenders. We have introduced laws to seize their property back home and also their property abroad.”" - Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

These economic offenders fled the country under your nose. Vijay Mallya before fleeing the country even met your finance minister, Arun Jaitley. What do you have to say about the photos clicked with Nirav Modi in Davos?What do you have to say about Mehul ‘bhai’? Sir, every government claims that they are determined to bring all offenders to books. Then what is the difference between your government and the previous governments?

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Farm Loan Waivers

Let's now talk about farmers but before that listen in to what PM Modi had to say about farm loan waivers.

"“Farmer loan waivers are not new in this country. Farmers’ loans were waived in Chaudhary Devi Lal Chautala regime too. Farmers’ loans were waived to win elections in 2008-09. Despite repeated loan waivers, what forces farmers to take more loans?And governments get stuck in the vicious cycle of elections and loan waivers.”" - Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Your minister Dharmendra Pradhan has promised to waive farm loans in Odisha. Right after the Congress governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh promised to waive farm loans, your BJP government in Gujarat promised electricity bill waiver.

Mob Lynchings

Dear Mr Prime Minister, you made a clear statement on mob lynchings. It was worth all the appreciation.

"“Mob lynchings do not fit the moral ground of civil society.Nobody should propagate such incidents.Mob lynchings are highly condemnable.Have mob lynchings started in the country after 2014? “" - Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

But sir, do you or the members of your party walk the talk on mob lynchings? What do you have to say about your minister Jayant Sinha? He had felicitated 8 people accused of lynching in Jharkhand. What do you have to say about Nitin Gadkari?
He justified Sinha's act by calling it freedom of speech. You are aware of how your minister Mahesh Sharma put the Tricolour on the shoulders of the Dadri lynching accused. We did not get the answer to these questions through your monologue. Maybe someday we can get the answers through a dialogue.

The Demonetisation Debate

You leave no stone unturned to prove that demonetisation was a success. You claim that demonetisation was not a blow. But at least you must answer – where is the black money you referred to, to justify demonetisation?

The RBI's report in August 2018 states that 99 percent of the demonetised notes were returned. Then how is demonetisation justified? People who waited in queues for hours outside ATMs could not ask you this question. But those waiting outside polling booths might.

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