PM Modi congratulates JP Nadda for victory in elections

New Delhi, Nov 11 (ANI): Celebrations at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters in the national capital is underway following the victory of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar elections 2020. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at BJP headquarters to take part in the event. PM Modi showed victory sign and waves at the BJP workers who have gathered at party headquarters to take part in the celebrations. Addressing at the event, PM Modi said, “I congratulate every worker of NDA as well as their families for the success of their dedicated work and contribution in the elections. I want to congratulate BJP President JP Nadda for the victory in the polls.” “Everyone is asking how did this happen? We can find an answer in yesterday’s results. The people of India are repeatedly making it clear that the chance to serve the country will be given to those who work sincerely towards the country's development,” PM Modi added. “The people of India have clearly stated that the only point of debate during elections would be development in the 21st century India. People of India are asking every other political party to come to this plank, and showing them that these are the real issues,” he further stated.

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