Pak ‘Breeds’ Terror, Says Modi at 1971 Bangladesh War Ceremony

Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina attended a ceremony where families of martyrs of 1971 B’desh War were honoured.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while attending a ceremony to honour the families of Indian soldiers martyred in 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war, made a veiled attack on Pakistan on Saturday.

He hit out at Pakistan saying it “breeds, inspires and encourages terrorism”.

“There is one thought in South Asia which breeds, inspires and encourages terrorism. The thought whose priority is not humanity, but extremism and terrorism,” Modi said, without naming Pakistan.

Both Modi and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina attended the event after holding bilateral talks and singing 22 pacts in key sectors.

“It is a special day. Today we remember the martyrs who fought bravely and lost their lives during the Liberation war,” Modi said during the event.

He also stressed on regional development, saying that India’s progress will remain incomplete without its neighbours’ growth.

(With inputs from PTI)

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