PM Benjamin Netanyahu Pleads Not Guilty of Corruption Charges Ahead of Israel's Parliamentary Elections Due in March

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Tel Aviv, February 8: Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday pleaded not guilty to corruption charges that were levied against. The Israeli Prime Minister has been accused of bribery, breach of trust and fraud. As per reports, he allegedly took 'gifts' from millionaire friends and sought regulatory favours for media businesses in return for a positive coverage of his government. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trial to resume From February 8.

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As per reports, ahead of the trial Netanyahu appealed to his supporters to stay away amid the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, his opponents protested near the court demanding the PM's resignation, as reported by Reuters. Earlier, the Israeli leader had reportedly termed his prosecution as a 'left-wing witch hunt' which aimed disposing a right-wing prime minister. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted on Charges of 'Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust.'

The corruption trial on PM Netanyahu resumes at a crucial stage as Israel is gearing up for parliamentary elections in March this year. The alleged corruption charges against him experts believe would negatively impacted his image in the upcoming polls. Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest serving Prime Minister of Israel. He had been in the office since 2009.

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