Plus-size model Monique Robinson talks about how a diabetes scare motivated her to love her body

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Monique Robinson

While beauty might come in all shapes and sizes, it is a serious concern when there is a health-related issue. But plus-size model Monique Robinson did not really understand this when she was told last year that she was pre-diabetic.

She was initially shocked and disappointed and even decided to ignore the issue assuming she was healthy, and it was only later that the whole thing began to sink in.

"But when I really started to think about my medical history I thought about different things I experienced at different times," she explained in a detailed Instagram post talking about her health issues and how it motivated her to love her body and work towards being healthy.

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Robinson spoke about how her ankles used to swell up and her fingers used to feel numb, but she never really took it seriously. When she consulted a doctor, she was told to walk more to improve blood circulation.

"I wish I still had the pictures to show you how huge they used to get.At the time, I thought okay. But I was already doing that and fake working out. I've experienced numb fingers before, but only one so it wasn't something to be concerned with, like what!?!," she added.

Even though she had started working out before she was diagnosed with diabetes, Robinson really began taking care of herself when the reality finally dawned on her. "I've worked extremely hard at taking care of this body over the last two years. I've lost 60 pounds off this body in the last five years. I'm so proud of myself and how I've taken control of my health," she added.

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And the results are proof of it. The model from Florida is now healthier and wears a size 16. She is currently signed with Wilhelmina and has worked with brands such as Macy's, Torrid, Target and Kohl's to name a few.

Check out the Instagram post in which she speaks about how she learnt to love her body.

Here are a few pictures of Robinson after she started working towards leading a healthy life.

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