‘Pledge Not to Watch TVF Shows Anymore’: Twitter on Arunabh Kumar

Twitter isn’t happy that TVF made women-centric shows but its founder is now facing allegations of sexual harassment

The Viral Fever’s YouTube webseries like Barely Speaking With Arnub, Tripling and Pitchers had struck a chord with a large audience.

Twitter users are now lashing out at Arunabh Kumar, TVF’s founder, over accusations of sexual harassment made in an anonymous article published on Medium.com. Twitter’s (predictable) outrage seems to be stemming from the personal investment many had made through many hours of viewing TVF’s content.

Kumar’s response to the allegations, made in an interview to Mumbai Mirror, didn’t win him much support either.

But Twitter never has been a black-or-white sort of space, so there are plenty who also came out in support of an investigation to prove or disprove the allegations before dragging Kumar over the coals.