Plasma Therapy: Effective or an Illussion? | News Beyond Headlines

'Being a doctor, when you stand next to a dying patient, you'll try everything you can to give 1 last shot to save a life'. In our fight against corona virus, is plasma therapy our best weapon? Here are honest, expert opinions on the effectiveness of plasma therapy in treating Covid19. After at least 3 studies, one of which was published in The Lancet, raised doubts over its effectiveness, the ICMR is mulling if it should be dropped as a line of treatment. On 'News Beyond Headlines', Meghna Deka speaks to Dr Om Srivastava, Infectious Disease specialist & member of the Maharashtra Government Covid Task Force & Dr. (Prof) U.S. Vishal Rao, Centre of Academics & Research, HCG Hospital. They explain the evolving treatment for Covid19.