‘Planted’? Super Tekla’s manager denies comedian sexually assaulted girlfriend

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The domestic saga involving Super Tekla and his girlfriend Michelle Bana-ag shows no sign of stopping as the comedian’s manager publicly defended her ward yesterday while accusing his partner of having questionable motives.

Rose Conde, Tekla’s manager, said in the talk show Raffy Tulfo in Action that the comedian had never forced Bana-ag to have sex with him, adding that the woman was just incensed that the celebrity couldn’t give her money.

Conde said that Tekla, Romeo Librada in real life, became “depressed” after hearing that Bana-ag publicly accused him of raping her.

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“I spoke to him last night; I asked him about all of Michelle’s accusations. He said, ‘Mommy, you know me, I may have shortcomings, but I have a lot of respect for Michelle because I love her.’ I know how much he loves Michelle. I’ve told him several times to leave that woman because she is no good, but he refuses to listen to me,” Conde said in English and Filipino.

The video taken by Bana-ag, which shows her arguing with her boyfriend over his insistence to have sex with her, was all a set-up, alleged Conde. The said clip was broadcast in an episode of Tulfo on Tuesday, where Bana-ag first accused the comedian of sexually abusing her and of failing to support their family.

“Their fight [on that video] it was taken when they were furious. What Michelle said on that video, that was what she wanted people to say. It was planted because she wanted to expose Tekla on Tulfo. They created that video so they could send it to you,” Conde told host Raffy Tulfo.

The manager alleged that on the day Bana-ag took the video, she wanted to break up with Tekla. However, Bana-ag was supposedly fuming because the comedian couldn’t give her money.

“She asked money from Tekla so she could start over. Tekla couldn’t give anything because he didn’t have money. He doesn’t have income now. He will get his money only this coming payday. He couldn’t give her anything, so they fought,” she said.

Conde added that Bana-ag would often steal from Tekla.

“She stole things from [his] condo. When Tekla is asleep, she would take his ATM from his bag and withdraw [money from his account]. Where does she go? To the bingo. Tekla would buy her a cellphone, and she would sell it,” she said.

Bana-ag, who also appeared on the show, insisted that Tekla had assaulted her. Host Tulfo promised the victim that he would support her should she sue the comedian for rape. Bana-ag was told that she had until next week to settle her problems with the comedian.

The star of The Boobay and Tekla Show has yet to publicly go on record to deny his girlfriend’s allegations, with his manager citing his exclusive contract with home network GMA as the reason.

This is not Tekla’s first brush with controversy. In 2017, he was fired by host Willie Revillame from the game show Wowowin allegedly for his habitual tardiness and gambling problems.

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