Planning a trip with your pet dog? Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept is the dog-friendly SUV you need

Ken Sunny
Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept

A study says almost every dog owner considers the pet to be part of the family. Hence, every dog owner would love to take his/her pet while travelling. However, taking them in your car may not be a good idea. Dog hair on the seats, paw prints on the carpets and no place to feed them inside the car will make it a mess. Nissan has given a thought to this issue and the result is the X-Trail 4Dogs concept.

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The flagship crossover of the Japanese car maker has been transformed to provide a bespoke travel space for up to two animals in the X-Trail 4Dogs concept. The space dedicated for the dog is the boot area that has 445-litres of capacity.

The concept has everything to keep canines clean. The pull-out shower will aid in washing them and then there is the dog dryer which delivers a jet of air. The pullout slide-away ramp will help dogs to walk in the boot. The integrated drying system supplies warm air to the entire boot space.

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Inside the specially made compartment, dogs have a bed and they can drink water from no-spill water bowl or take a snack from the dispenser. Safety in transit is taken care of via a clip-on harness hook.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept

While on journey, driver and front seat passenger can keep an eye on the dog by using dog-cam technology. It has been integrated into the X-Trail's NissanConnect infotainment system, allowing owner and dog to see each other via the seven-inch dashboard display and a 10-inch LCD screen installed into the boot. The owner can also talk to the dog via an audio link.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept

The shower and dryer are stored in a pull-out utility drawer accessible at the front of the boot. Side compartments have been in the boot and can be used for storing waste bags. The X-Trail 4Dogs also features a dog guard above the rear seats as an optional extra. The whole boot has been upholstered in wipe-clean leather that can be removed for cleaning.

Nissan India is planning to launch X-Trail in India this year. Let's hope the company will also launch 4Dogs concept in the country soon.

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