Here’s a Place in Trump’s America Where Refugees Are Welcome

Refugees have provided an economic boost to the city by working in factories and paying taxes immediately.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, refugees are welcome as a boon to struggling economies. Refugees who’ve settled in the city from all parts of the world, now form as much as 19% of the city’s population.

Plastic parts maker, Sterling Technologies, began hiring refugees from the city when they were unable to find workers for their lower-skilled jobs, whom now constitute 25% of their labour force.

Jay Badams, Erie’s superintendent of schoolsWe’re a resettlement destination, and over the time we have come to accept our new American population

In recent years, Erie has seen up to 700 refugees arriving to the city annually legally, after a vetting process that takes several years to process.

Local Councillor Paul Jericho has spoken highly of the economic impact that the refugees have brought to the city. He said:

They rent a lot of apartments, they buy a lot of things, they pay their taxes immediately.

(With inputs from NBC)